First {Five Minute Friday}


I knew, heading into this year, I was starting it a different person than I was before.

You learn a lot in times like that. That hearts can stop beating while yours pounds on, heavy.  That grief has no expiration date, but the patience of those observing certainly does. You find out compassion grows tired.

Stepping into the year before, I’d given up Faith. Walked away from church, bridges all in flames and entirely disillusioned.

But in all that followed, between hospital rooms and torn family ties, there were scribbled down miracles. Pages full of God moments, captured in tears, because God knows I needed to remember. To never let go.

If nothing else, I’ve re-learned who to turn to first.

The sun’s cool and low in the January sky, early morning pink flung across sleepy blue like a masterpiece. I’m all too aware I’m unfinished.

Maybe we all change, stripped down bare. Incomplete and rough edges.

{But maybe from the outside it looks like restoration.}


Writing for the first time in a very long time and happy to be linking up for Five Minute Friday.


5 thoughts on “First {Five Minute Friday}”

  1. I’m so glad to be a part of your first day back at writing. I can identify with much of what you shared. I had a similar experience a few years back following the death of our unborn son. It’s been a long exhausting climb out of a deep dark pit, but God is always faithful. He has never left my side–not even when I accused Him of doing so. Prayers for peace and progress and an awareness of His presence in the years to come!

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  2. SO gorgeous! Wow, girl — you can write! Seriously, this is beautiful. I’m so thrilled that you found Five Minute Friday, and certainly hope this is the first of many posts we’ll see from you! I’m gonna go ahead and read it all again, just to let it soak in .. 😉


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