Quiet {Five Minute Friday}

Monday morning.  After working right through the weekend, I crawl out of bed.  Catch the sunrise with sleepy eyes, as I tame my hair.  Smoothing out the evidence of a restless night.  There are kisses in the sky.


Daughter at school and Son at nursery, I run through the list of What To Fit Into These Few Free Hours.  And I’m leaving a supermarket, all oversized handbag and caffeine-to-go.  Struggling to manage the shopping bags in one hand and fumbling with the car keys in the other.  A lady stops me.

Can I trouble you for the time?

She laughs, as I wrestle to find my phone, to find out.

Bewildered, I stare.  And I tell her: 9:50.

I’m running late for my doctor’s appointment.

She’s late 60’s, I’d guess, and she carries on:  We used to value time.  We used to want to keep things simple and we’d value that.  But these days you over-complicate everything.  You’re rushing everywhere and filling up every moment.

I laugh, flush-faced and awkward.  Mumble you’re right.  And I sit in my car and cry.

I’m so desperate for quiet.  Longing for rest.  But between busy shifts on wards, between parenting these children and keeping it all together, my quiet is only in stolen moments.

Snatched, in the twenty minute drive to work.  Grasped as I lay in a hot bath, in the minutes before I’m interrupted.

Am I really over-complicating this?  Are there empty pockets of peace here, that I don’t even open my eyes to?  And I wonder if maybe an angel spoke into my soul, stirred it up.  And I know I must learn how to quiet it.


{Linking up with a wonderful group of writers for Five Minute Friday.  Hosted by the lovely Kate Motuang.}


4 thoughts on “Quiet {Five Minute Friday}”

  1. Hi, there! I’m visiting from FMF. I am sure I am not the only one who can relate to how overwhelming the busy-ness of life is! We all need the reminder to quiet down the noise. Great post!


  2. Beautiful and heart-breaking. I’ve been there. Maya Angelou’s advice always helps me – you do the best you can with what you know right now and later, when you know more, you’ll do better. I might be muffing up the words, a bit, but that’s the jest of it. You’re in the thick of it right now. Plow through.


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